BBL Trend, so What?

You might have not noticed, but there is a new era on social media. The BBL community (Brazilian Butt Lift) is coming out! People are no longer afraid of talking about work being done on their bodies. Instead, they’re giving tips, talk about the challenges, drop their doctor’s location, and I am here for it! But, of course, another group of people are getting freaked out! They are horrified by «such disgrace » to the women’s bodies and western beauty standards, okayyyyyy!!!! Who asks for their opinions? Because, seriously, why is society so involved in women’s choices for themselves?

I don’t have any opinions on anyone conscientiously choosing to get work done on themselves. However, as with anything else you decide to entertain, doing your research first is essential, I would think 😎. Whether it’s a career, moving to a new place, or even having a baby (human or fur)! Especially this last part, because they last for a pretty long time and cost more than you might want to spend! There are consequences for all actions, and up to now, we are only granted one body, so being careful with it can’t be a luxury. 

However, the desire to control women’s bodies, rights, finances is nothing new! Society, aka patriarchy, is obsessed with women’s will and continuously used religion, schools, the legislative system to restrain any type of power women have taken for themselves! Still to this day, women worldwide are victims of hateful crime for simply being a woman! It’s sickening! Not talked about enough and being swiped under the rugs to protect the fact that male fragility has nearly destroyed society! 

So, what about we do better, starting by recognizing all traces of misogyny sleeping in our bodies, soul, and thoughts. Please, relax; it can happen to the best of us. I am not accusing you of anything. Just be aware that your upbringing can cause harm to other’s will, especially women, if you don’t make a conscious effort to prevent so.

PS: Today, a charming barista broke my heart….. Starbucks won’t have their Peach Green tea Lemonade anymore… I need retail therapy to process this terrible news. 

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