Stolen Men, Oh No!!!!!

I’m on this Facebook group, and quite frankly, the posts either make me laugh to death or be so shocked that I can barely remember the group’s purpose. One could say that I’m tripping since I even have a sweater with their logo on it, but hear me out, it was not always that controversial, and I like the sweater! It’s warm, and the cold weather has no preferences! 😤😤😤 I digress!

Anyway, this week is about men being stolen! Not partners, just men. There is this situation where another woman sees a man, knows he is in a relationship, or should guess by the way he is that he has a significant other (don’t ask me how), but anyhow, other women grab him on the go like a Chick-fil-A sandwich….. oops 🙊

Hahahaaha!I know, right! It always amuses me when people say things like this! How does one steal a girl’s bae? Are they left unattended, can’t take care of themselves? What is the deal? Because you mean to tell me a grown man with decisions power has been stolen (I’m not talking about colonizers dismantling African countries), and another woman is to blame? Maybe if I say it enough times, I’ll finally get it… because seriously 😐.

Please, I don’t mean to be silly 🙃; a girl wants to be educated and prepared because you can’t even trust your sister or cousins, even best friend around a man! What confused me the most about those confessions was the absolute disempowerment of men. They are expected to act careless and disrespectful towards their women. (I want to be mindful and not use the word partner, for obvious reasons) Also, I’m only addressing cis-gender relationships because no one has come forward in the group regarding this issue. So, because boys will be boys and never become men, it’s up to women to control themselves and investigate every man who comes to their ways with romantic attention.

With this being said, when are we going as a community to deal with this ongoing problem? We all already know it is the effects of the patriarchy, but can’t we do anything about it? It’s getting tired, and the vibes are not great! It must be a full-time job to not only take care of « a man » because they are babies but also to torment other women for that man’s decisions. I can’t even address the implications of commitment! Just too much already! It has to be for another day.

PS: Do you share the blog with your friends!!!!????? Best friend!!!! 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

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