Rihanna’s Bowl High!

Rihanna performed at the Superbowl! I am still on the high and won’t go down anytime soon. I have read so many critics about this performance, and they are primarily comical. She shouldn’t perform if she is pregnant. She could have done more, too many clothes, and dancers were doing too much, and whatnot? Some people were even saying how big of a sellout she is since a few years ago; she turned down the show in solidarity with Kaepernick. As an active member of the Navy Pop, I am here to tell you that we do not care!!!!! Mother came, served, gave, slayed, and hypnotized us. Now, are we hoping for an album? Certainly! Are we collectively mad at ASAP Rocky for blocking us from getting what we want? Absolutely! Is he responsible, or do we need a scapegoat? Probably! Are we happy for Rihanna and her desire to grow her family? Totally! One does not prevent the other. We are in our feelings and feel we might have to continue rotating the previous albums.

I’ve been a fan of the artist for years! Since her chaotic Twitter era! Oh gosh, I missed those times! Big Island Gyal energy! I’ve supported Fenty beauty, Skincare, etc.! She inspired me in so many ways by being unapologetically herself. I love her fashion style as an “avant-gardiste”! Rihanna has created a name for herself in the fashion industry and has come out with foundations for all shades! She showcased beauty in many forms and is the queen of giving second chances! Her show for SavageX Fenty, always shut down the internet. I’ve stood by this woman even after her “Nobody’s Business” song! If you know, you know! I am happy to be alive and see her breaking stereotypes and not giving an F! On a side note, she mentioned new music for this year during her interview with British Vogue, so who knows! I’m keeping my hopes in the middle this time! Haha!

Another great moment of BHM for me this year was Mama Cax being on google! OMG! I cried. I’ve felt the loss of this woman like she was family! Sometimes I’m tired and don’t feel like taking care of myself. I think of her and find strength! Mama Cax has unimaginably inspired me, and I am grateful to have known her throughout her journey! Sharing her joy, pain, and challenges openly motivates me daily. I’m now at the age she left us, and I hope to inspire at least one person in my passage.

I’m so grateful for this blog and feel bad for not having the time to publish as much as I would like, but thank you the encouraging words, I truly appreciate it. Until next time!

PS: I paid 6.29 for brown eggs this past weekend. I almost fainted!

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