Buckle up People!!!!

What a show this year has been!!! I think we can all agree that it has been hard on us, as human being… most of us anyway… However, as a black girl living in this world, 2020 has not been the worst for my people, come on!

If you’re in a minority or a woman, the past centuries were not that great for you 🤷🏾‍♀️ and still up to this day, some people classify conversations about races, women’s rights, gender equality among the difficult ones, I don’t understand why, but hey!!! I also don’t understand why I have a copay after the tremendous amount I paid for health insurance. I’m certainly not judging…. or maybe I am! I’m entitled to my opinion as some people think it is fine not to wear a mask when they are out and in public the middle of the pandemic.

Is 2021 about to be better than what we got for 2020? Seriously, it could be. But are ready to address the real issues or are we “too sensitive” for those conversations? You know climate change, equal pay, colorism within the minorities, breaking toxic cycles, exposing children to idea of “perfect bodies” on Instagram…. of course those standards are mostly according to Europeans beauty standards, refugee system, immigration, please feel free to add other components to the list….

I choose to be aware of what is happening around me because it is a part of mindfulness, and the world is a village anyway. I also know that is crucial to sometimes takes a distance to regroup myself and take care of my mental health. Balance is key to everything! So, let’s buckle up and get ready for what’s coming. I’ve realized that having a open mind helped me a lot, there is not one solution to a problem or one angle to look at things. Therefore, collaboration becomes easier when the mutual respect is the base of it all.

PS: I am really grateful to have you…. hopefully we remain that good next year…

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